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The Sacred Womb Space 

The transition from pregnancy to new family is an amazing journey, a delicate balance of awe and stress. I am here for you every step of the way!


It is natural to have worries about this event in your life, whether you are a first time parent, or it is your second or sixth child. 




  • Learn techniques to properly engage and release areas of the body to optimize your delivery


  • Understand all birthing options and choose the birth plan best for you, your body and your family


  • Explore information about alternative deliveries


  • Find knowledge about medication prior, during and after delivery


  • Unlock the tools to stay healthy after delivery and support your new human 


  • Find connections with others through sharing experiences


  • Identify medical complications, address concerns openly and work toward solutions 


Come check out all that Sacred Space has to offer at Willow Tree Wellness, part of The Kingfisher Yoga studio.


What we will do:


Learn how to identify areas of weakness or tension in the pelvic floor and optimize strength with group workouts and individualized plans. 


Use breath work as the foundation to connect with and heal your pelvic floor. 


Together, share knowledge and learn how to better navigate the medical world to advocate for yourself and your newborn. 


Find positive self affirmations and strategies for communicating with all your supporters.


Use Somatic yoga practices to build new muscle memory and relieve tension. 

Upcoming Classes

Classes Starting


Sundays 1030-1130 am

February 5 - March 5 


Monday evenings 7-8 pm

February 6 - March 6 


5 classes for $125

Drop in for $30/ Sessio

Mother and Baby

Crystal Lea Kurtz RN

I strive to make people feel at ease and welcome. Teaching them to cultivate a restorative calm within themselves. I help individuals harness the ability to build peace within their own body, anywhere, anytime just by changing their posture, changing their breath, and therefore changing their state of being. I sincerely hope they find a community of support and positive healing energy each time they practice with me. I am a guide here to offer suggestions and knowledge on how we can move, learn and grow together.

My desire is to carve a brave ad accepting space for prenatal/postpartum women.

I can help them unlock their pelvic floor, figuring out where to strengthen, where to soften, open and release tension.

I aspire to set women up for success in a birth plan of their own making.

I will support families and their new humans whether there are medical complications for mom and or baby.

I will teach breath practice, yoga and form a support groups through Mama Collective to support all their needs through the early childhood ages to make sure they don’t feel alone.

I will help mothers connect with other moms, and they can find a support group within themselves and within the community at Kingfisher Yoga that I have had the blessing to create.

With Abundant Gratitude,





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