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Maeflower Collective

" find your voice,"
she sternly said to me.

It was a few years ago during my soul regression session. Desperately seeking direction, I felt lost. Desiring radiance as I felt wilted inside. Desiring purposefulness as I knew I was made for more.

Slowly but surely I inched my way along. On a quest for truth. Traveling layer by layer deeper within. And although I do not think we ever will arrive to this destiny, as it's in constant flux, the infinite evolving cycle has left me here today. A space I am truly happy to be in.

'Peacefully content' are the words I often use to answer the "how are you question". I truly am. I feel it in my bones. And may I just say it feels like an absolute blessing.

Furthermore, it's time to share. My voice. My journey. My musings. My passion projects. Oh, and plenty more.

To educate and create community. To inspire freedom and self exploration while cultivating communal solidarity in hopes to birth the feeling of belonging.

May you feel free and at home. This is my prayer for you.

And so, welcome to the collection of Maeflower's.

Ka Huna Massage

Ka Huna bodywork is a full body massage ranging from soft to deep tissue.

The long flowing strokes help encourage mind and body relaxation.It can be crafted to your liking, whether it be therapeutic focused targeting areas of tension or a desire for holistic healing.

This nourishing experience balances the body and mind in their physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. 


For bookings and enquiries contact

Allie at 608-572-6646 or

Allison Mae Dienger Ka Huna Massage.jpg


To connect. Whether teaching or practicing, this is the reason I return to the mat.

To connect with the body we live in. To connect with the emotions that course through it. To connect with the spirit that harbors itself within.

I hope to hold a safe and comforting space to inspire reflection and self discovery.

After spending multiple years in different countries, I have found the blend of breath and movement connect us all. Regardless of where we come from, no matter what our differences are, we find togetherness in breath, in movement, in class.

We find unity as we cultivate community and connection. I invite you to come join, let the movement be our medicine.

Restorative Yoga 9am Wednesday at Kingfisher Yoga.

Available for Private Sessions & Event Bookings.



Limited Edition specially crafted for returning to my homeland.

R E T U R N I N G 


For when your wings get tired and you yearn for a soft landing space.

When the ways of the world become hard to bare, may you find ease when cocooned in this aroma. May peace nestle itself into your heart space.


R E T U R N I N G  is the doorway home. When the external landscape dissolves and you return to the comforts of the heart



~ylang ylang


~sweet orange



She’s soft and grounding.

She’s restoring and earthy.

She’s divine and heavenly.


Hand poured roll on essential oils. All pure and natural ingredients.Small batches, blended with love. Made locally. For purchase at Willow Tree Wellness.

Maeflower Apothecary roller.JPG




I'm Allison Mae. 

I'm a human being just like you trying to navigate this beautiful mess we call life. I am a massage therapist, yoga teacher, and oil potion blender.

I’m the creator of Maeflower Collective, the collection of my passions and love. The way I hope to be of service to the world. To inspire freedom and self exploration while cultivating communal solidarity in hopes to birth the feeling of belonging. 

I've recently returned to the states to visit my beloved friends and family. I've been living in Australia and Scotland these past years.

I am a lover of nature, trees, flowers, birds, it all fascinates me. A tasty cacao elixir with medicinal mushrooms graces my daily existence. I will often have folk tunes or dub filling the moments between the silence. A knitting project always lives beside my bed. Barefoot and outside with messy clay hands is my happy place as I'm slowly learning the craft of pottery.

Connection, gratitude, soulfulness, nature, and solitude are my most important values and the way I design my life.

During my journey of teaching yoga for over a decade, I’ve taught thousands of people in varying countries. After studying in Kenya with the Africa Yoga Project, I've been determined to hone into the connection element I truly believe yoga evokes, to oneself and others. Unity to all the other hearts beating in the world. To see our sameness and uniqueness mirrored in all those passerby's. To feel free to be authentic knowing you have a place and belong.

Throughout my years in Australia, I studied Ka Huna massage in Queensland at High Spirits with Mette Sorenson. I fell in love with this bodywork. 

Enquires, curiosities, questions, anything at all? Flick me an email at


I look forward to connecting with you.

May the day be sweet to you.


Much love,




I'll be in touch soon.

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