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Carla Wiessing of

Sweet Willow Skincare

A custom facial  provides an ideal time to unwind, restore and to invigorate the body, mind & spirit. Carla will personalize your treatments to your needs & ensure you leave feeling revitalized. Experience a wonderful oasis of peace, calm & tranquility.

At Sweet Willow Skincare, our facial treatments are prepared with the finest, natural ingredients made by  Pevonia Botanica and Luminous Rose, both natural skincare brands and women owned.


Image by Annie Spratt

Sweet Willow Facial

A bespoke facial to meet the needs of all skin types. Personalised & tailored to accommodate the needs of your skin, deep cleansing, ultimate massage & mask. 

$80     60 min

Or Call (608)909-9173

Luminous Rose Facial

Luminous Rose of Waterloo, WI Maria Henry is a modern day alchemist creating pure and natural skin care products in small batches. 

"If you're open, this Earth will provide you with what you need. Most often we are placed in the exact places that facilitate the most growth and healing. "

$80     60 min

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Express Facial

This mini facial is ideal for those on the go. Skin is cleansed & lightly exfoliated. A pore refining mask is then applied, followed by a veil of light moisturiser. Mask options: Sensitive, Dry, Combination or Soothing Gel. Suitable for all skin types.

$60      40 min

butterfly maeflower.jpeg

Teen Acne Care

To prevent and treat acne lesions, this treatment uses ingredients that contribute to  balancing seborrheic secretion, tissue healing, soothing and moisturizing. Organic products of Pevonia Botanica brand are used. Most acne treatment takes time to see results, on average a month for every year you have had acne. Together we will create a game plan

$55    55 min

Because this in an ongoing process, we offer package pricing on a sliding scale to what is comfortable for you to pay.

Gent's Facial

Healing & hydrating anti-ageing treatment to gently soothe & calm the skin. This treatment specifically targets clogged pores, sensitivity, & razor burn while promoting total relaxation. This facial includes deep cleansing, steaming, & extraction. As a final step, a treatment mask is applied to refine the pores, soothe & condition the skin.

$65     65 min


Dermaplaning is a procedure that exfoliates your skin &  removes dirt & vellus hair.  Removing "peach fuzz" with dermaplaning also “allows makeup to go on much smoother, and can make skin look and feel more rejuvenated,”

add on to any facial for $30


Blissful Back Treatment

A luxurious back Treatment incorporating Desert Mud enriched with Copper, Magnesium and Zinc for perfect holistic balance. As this thermal mud aids muscle tension, aches and pains, escape into a state of deep relaxation to completely de-stress.

$55      65 min

Silky Skin Body Treatment

We detoxify the body with dry brushing & an ayurvedic mask before we  swaddle  your body in warm blankets  to fully assist in cleansing the body & loosen toxins at the cellular level.

After a brief rest we will restore your body with  moisturizing lotion that penetrates deep into the tissues 

$85     60 min

Rose Maeflower.jpeg

Add ons * We can discuss what's best for your skin at your appointment

Micro-Retinol Collagen & Retinol Lip Repair

Redefines the lip & lip contour, while helping to smooth wrinkles & furrows


  • Repairs, redefines, and rejuvenates the lip and lip contour

  • Promotes instant visible skin smoothing and radiance

  • Deeply moisturizing and protective treatment

YouthRenew™ Hydra-Glow Peel

For Smoother Texture, Minimized Wrinkles, and Lightened Hyperpigmentation


  • Exfoliates surface dead cells for a smooth and even complexion

  • Balances skin pH and lightens skin tone

  • Provides radiance and immediate glowing effect

  • Rejuvenating

Lacto-Flora Peel -

Intensive Peel to Lighten Hyperpigmentation, Smooth Skin Texture, and Hydrate


  • Lightens hyperpigmentation

  • Diminishes epidermal thickening

  • Smooths skin texture

  • Moisturizes naturally

* Add on to any Pevonia Facial for $20



Brows                 $15


Chin                  $10


Upper Lip        $10

Facial Cheeks  $15

Full Face          $45


Under Arms      $25


Bikini               $50

Hair is removed from anywhere outside of a modest panty line    


Half Arms          $20

From elbow down  

Lower Legs              $30


Upper Legs              $20


Full Legs                   $45


Nose                $15


Back                $35     


You deserve to be treated special, Let's make a plan for your skin care

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Sweet Willow Facial Review

My experience with Carla at Willow Tree Wellness was spectacular. Her approach was both intuitive and engaging as needed. She thoughtfully tailored my experience in a warm, welcoming environment. I highly recommend.


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